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Interview with Stefan Bens of Stin Scatzor conducted via e-mail 11/8/98

Jester: How did you first meet Johan Van Roy of COde products and arrange to release a cassette through his label?

Stefan: We met in 1989 by accident. I reacted to a little advertisement from him. We first had a correspondence and later we started trading music. At that time, Lescure 13 was born. Stin Scatzor already existed, my first songs were recorded at Johan's home studio. Johan was planning to start a little tape label in 1996-1997 and at that time my latest tape was just finished so it was obvious he asked me to be his first release.

Jester: Were you involved with any of the sleeve/J-card design for the "Talk About Industro" cassette?

Stefan: All covers from my tapes are self-made. The cover for "Talk about Industro" was just a piece of wallpaper. For that it's a pity I don't have a computer because I like to create my tape covers.

Jester: Your debut cassette contains 13 tracks, while your CD EP contains five brand new tracks. Why didn't you release your cassette on a CD format?

Stefan: First of all, it isn't my debut tape. I never had the intention to release a CD. I was quite happy with the tape releases. Even the songs from the "Industronic" CD were planned for a new tape release until Johan Van Roy was in contact with Scott Beebe from PBR. I always said my first CD-release had to be a mini-CD, so PBR has cooperated on that quite well. It's so interesting for the people who don't know Stin Scatzor. It's a good opportunity to be discovered. Maybe I can use some of the tape songs on a future release.

Jester: How did arrange to release "Industronic" on Possessive Blindfold Recordings?

Stefan: Thanks to Johan Van Roy, otherwise it was a going to be a new tape release. He knew Scott Beebe was interested in Stin Scatzor so one day I contacted Scott out of curiosity. Given this MCD won't be the only thing PBR will release from Stin Scatzor. There were already plans for a full CD "Industrology".

Jester: How did the Lescure 13 project originate with Johan Van Roy of Suicide Commando?

Stefan: We wanted to do something totally different from Suicide Commando and Stin Scatzor. Something EBM like. It was even with Lescure 13 that we were on stage for the first time. I have to say it was quite a success. In the beginning Lescure 13 was even more important for me than Stin Scatzor, today it's the other way around. But L13 still exists!

Jester: How did you first get involved with writing and composing music?

Stefan: In 1990, I bought my first keyboard on which I experimented a lot. Those experiments can be found on the first split tape with Suicide Commando. In the beginning there were only instrumental songs. Later on, when the first concert came, I put some lyrics on it to complete everything.

Jester: Have you ever had any vocal or musical training?

Stefan: No, never. I can't read scores and I can't sing. I just play by ear. When a song is finished then I write the lyrics. Sometimes I wrute the lyrics first.

Jester: What drew you to the noisy cross-over sounds of Electro and Industrial that you call Industronic?

Stefan: I call it Industro. It's not Industrial because of the lyrics and melodies. It's not Electro because I use Industrial beats. I like the sound I make, it sounds 80's but it is 90's. For the first time I hope to put some Techno sounds to it, but it still has to be Stin Scatzor. I think Stin Scatzor sounds unique. It's not really a copy of another group, although they compare it with Dive and Suicide Commando. In the beginning they compared my music with Blackhouse and Esplendor Geometrico, although I don't know these groups.

Jester: What is your opinion of the sudden growth of the Power Electronics/Noise scene in the past year?

Stefan: It's hard to give an opinion because I don't know this genre very well. I like more Electro, Pop, and 80's.

Jester: Who would you consider some of your strongest musical influences?

Stefan: In the very beginning, I listened a lot to tape groups like Liquid G, Notstandskomitee, and Suicide Commando of course. But I like even the Swans, KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, Depeche Mode, Jesus and Mary Chain. Stin Scatzor is probably a mixture of these groups. Unfortunately, I can't play guitar.

Jester: If you were given a choice to be able to collaborate with any artist in the world, who would it be? Why that artist?

Stefan: I'm lucky to work with Johan Van Roy, he's probably my best friend. He has always believed in Stin Scatzor. I can be his support act when necessary. Of all musicians, I know him best.

Jester: Does Stin Scatzor perform live? If so, what does a live performance look like?

Stefan: Yes, very simple. All sounds are on Mini-disc. Only the lyrics are live. That's the disadvantage of a solo-project. But someday I hope to work with a guitar player on stage. If the PA is good, Stin Scatzor can sound very aggressive live. I hope to do more concerts in the near future to promote the "Industronic" MCD.

Jester: What is your favorite track you have ever written? Why that track?

Stefan: 'Let Me Rot'. It's Stin Scatzor at my best.

Jester: Is there anything you would like to add that I haven't asked?

Stefan: The Stin Scatzor logo has nothing to do with former German SS. It's just a good logo with wrong abbreviations!

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