Interview with Johan Kronberg of Seven Trees by e-mail, May 1998

Kevin: Why the name Seven Trees? What does it mean to you?

Johan: Hmmm, nothing really... :) When we first started out, we just picked a name. We only wanted the name to be less cliched then others like "Front State 345" or whatever :)

Kevin: Why the decision to create your style of music as opposed to the current trend in Sweden of synth-pop?

Johan: It was quite natural to not do commercial music, which is what synth-pop is. And neither Henrik nor I have the gift to sing like an altarboy :) That's one of synthpop's biggest problems -- often they cannot sing and its sounds really, really bad.

Kevin: Why the decision to make "darker" music?

Johan: We have never really deicided which way to go. I know it sounds like a cliche, but we do what comes to mind.

Kevin: How do you incorporate a strong classical/orchestral feeling to your music so fluently?

Johan: I really like strings; it can help a song to be even more emotional, if you know what I mean.

Kevin: Who did the cover for your album? How would you say it fits with the music?

Johan: John Gripenholm took the photographs and Christian Holmsten the layout. The cover was like how we decided upon the name. We didn't want a cover that was/is cliched -- like a wall with skulls, or a factory or circuitry -- on our cover. Covers like that don't say anything about our music; covers like that are just boring.

Kevin: What inspires your lyrics?

Johan: That's more a question for Henrik, but I think he gets inspired by personal experiences and everday life.

Kevin: Are you satisifed with how the lyrics have come across in the songs in conjuction with the music?

Johan: Sometimes they are smashing :)

Kevin: Are you interested in publishing any written work (such as novels or poetry)?

Johan: Not myself, but maybe Henrik is ???

Kevin: You have a very unique vocal style. Do you draw any influences for your particular vocal style?

Johan: Now that some time has passed, and our record has been out for a while, I think the singing was a little too monotone on the record. But no, there were no special influences.

Kevin: Have you been on many compilations?

Johan: A couple of compilations, 5 or 6 I think.

Kevin: What do you have on your plate for upcoming work? Are you working on any remixes?

Johan: We are at the moment working on new material. We haven't done any remixing for anyone yet; but it would be fun to do some. We have done a remix for Going Down' which is on "Something on Your Mind" compilation on Zoth Ommog.

Kevin: What is a live Seven Trees show is like? Who does the video work for your live set-up?

Johan: Two friends of ours did a live video thing for us that we have used and modified at times. A Seven Trees concert is what the audience makes it to be.

Kevin: How many live shows have you done? Have you been pleased with the audiences' repsonses?

Johan: I think we have played live 16 - 18 times. We were in Germany and played with Mentallo& the Fixer and Regenerator (7 shows). The East Germans were more fun to play for, becuase they gave more of a response than the West Germans; the West Germans often just stood there, :( even if they liked it.

Kevin: Have you done any videos for your songs (besides the video you use for live shows)?

Johan: No.

Kevin: Who is the female vocalist on 'Desire Slowly Burning' and what part does she play in the band?

Johan: It's Henriks EX-girlfriend that sings on that song, and she doesn't play any part in the band.

Kevin: Whats the status of the Beneath the Moor project?

Johan: Ice cold, but may be brought to life again

Kevin: What has been the reaction from America listeners to your material?

Johan: There has been much more of a response from Americans than, say for example, Germans.....maybe it's too soft for their taste :)

Kevin: In reading some of your interviews, you seem very intelligent and cultured. Do you do a lot of reading?

Johan: Hmmm not really, :) though the morning paper is a MUST!

Kevin: Could you give a brief description of the band Octoberland, perhaps what they sound like? Are you good friends with them? Have they been signed to a label yet?

Johan: We are very good friends with them, and they are about to finish recording their debut album, which will be released on Zoth Ommog. They have a more "Electronic" style then we do. And Pontus (the singer) can really sing!!

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