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Interview with Haujobb - conducted by Kevin Congdon via e-mail - 9/97

Kevin: What is your impression of being labeled as one of the leaders in the new Industrial movement?

Haujobb: We don't feel like being the leaders of any kind of movement, because we can't see any band or musician walking the same path. Furthermore we wouldn't consider our music as a certain style. So it's not really Industrial. Sometimes we tend to call it just Electro or Techno in the best sense of the term. That's simple but true.

Kevin: Why do you think you've gained so much respect in the Industrial community?

Haujobb: Because of the music, hopefully. The music seems to be very challenging to many people and we always try to keep this effect.

Kevin: How do you effortlessly incorporate so many different styles (such as Ambient, Techno and Jungle) into your music while still maintaining an "Electro-Industrial" sound?

Haujobb: Simply by being interested in all those different styles. Especially some forms of Techno and Jungle - in Europe we call it Drum'n'Bass - is very fascinating because of this music's effect on the recipient. It's got a function.

Kevin: What motivates you to incorporate and add new sounds and styles into your music?

Haujobb: It's a kind of instinct. We have to do it. We don't make "reproducing art" but a kind of "exploring art".

Kevin: What were your hopes or goals when recording your last album? What were you hoping to accomplish?

Haujobb: We didn't want to accomplish something. We had a huge output at that time so we decided to bring it all together and make a kind of compilation. It's a sound diary.

Kevin: Were you aware that the title of your last album is also a slogan for IBM? Was that intentional?

Haujobb: Yes, it was. The title reflects many aspects of this album. Just find out!

Kevin: How long have you been making music? Were any of you in previous bands?

Haujobb: We started in 1992 and there were no previous bands or projects.

Kevin: Why did Bjoern leave the band? Do you plan on doing any production work for his band?

Haujobb: He had to leave, and there is no contact anymore. And he's definitely not making music anymore. That's only just a rumour [that he is working in a new band].

Kevin: Do you have any upcoming tour plans for the US? Do you get a lot of feedback on how well you do in America or how popular you are in America?

Haujobb: At the moment it seems like we are going on tour in spring/summer 98 in the states. It's really amazing how well we do in the states compared to Europe. We are selling more than twice as much records in the states than in Europe and the people seem to be much more interested. That's a reason why we like the states so much...

Kevin: How did you like working on remixes for other bands? Are there any you would consider your favorite? What future plans do you have for remixing?

Haujobb: Every process had it's own charm. La Floa Maldita with the female vocals and this "Poppy" background was very satisfying for us to do. We've already done a second remix for their forthcoming album, a nine minute long, trippy "jazz thing". We are always looking for the challenge in remixing other artists no matter what kind of music they do.

Kevin: On your first album you had some tracks that were in somewhat of a Neo-Classical vein; is that something you plan to continue sometime in the future?

Haujobb: There is definitely not a hint of Classical music on this album. They are more like pieces of soundtracks with some simulated Classical instruments. For the musical future we have some different plans. At the moment we are thinking of making the music colder by hiding most of the harmonics and melodies. We believe that this could be a way to make the music more "everlasting" because rhythm plays forever.

Kevin: Do either of the members have any side projects at the moment?

Haujobb: There are four side projects at the moment. We are releasing an album of our Drum'n'Bass project called "dots & dashes" on Rough Trade soon. Daniel just released his first solo 12 inch on Groove Attack called "Myer". He'll also release N.E.W.T. together with Andreas Meyer of Forma Tadre on 21st Circuitry this year and he'll release a electronic project together called "Clean" with another singer on Zoth Ommog/Music Research this year. So you see we are very busy.

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