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Abstinence - Revolt of the Cyberchrist	CD
Abstinence - Theorem	CD
Allied Vision - Unburied	CD
Amoeba - Pivot	CD
Anthropile - Take	CD
Autovoice - A Living Death	CD
Binaria 13 - Binaria 13	CD
Blackhouse - Dreams Like This	CD
Blue - Nightwork	CD
Bone, Richard - The Spectral Ship	CD
Canister - Blame	CD
Carbonhaze - Fullcode	CD
Chain Bridge - Lanchid	CD
CloneDT - 7777777	CD
Coded - Cholinesterase Inhibitor	CDR
Colossal Spin - V2.1.7	CD
Csupo, Gabor - Kalmopyrin	CD
Cybershadows - The Birth of Future	CD
Czukay, Holger - La Luna	CD
Death Ride 69 - Screaming Down The Gravity Well	CD
Diverje - Existence	CD
Dream Into Dust - No Man's Land	MCD
Eco-hed - Eco-hed	CD
Ether Bunny - Papa Woody	CD
Fatal Blast Whip - Constellation	CD
Final - One	CD
Fire Escape - Abandon Head	CD
Fluke - Oto	CD
Fluke - Risotto	CD
Fluke - Six Wheels on my Wagon	CD
Flux - Protoplasmic	CD
Globalwavesystem - Hypercritter	MCD
Gooding - Factory Blue	CD
Gooding - Winter's Return	CD
Gracious Shades - Aberkash	CD
Guinea Pig - Taken Below	MCD
Halomaker - Self-Inflicted Creep	CD
Halomaker - Sufferthiswish	CD
Heavy Water Factory - Remixes of Pain	CD
Hednoize - Searching For The End	CD
Here - Brooklyn Bank	CD
Heyss, Johann - Look Carefully	CD
High Council - Ampsnd Live	MCD
High Council - Live	MCD
Imbue - Filth Parade	CD
Imbue - Resurrected	CD
Immedia - Overcast	CD
Impact Test - Stanley Bodean	CD
Insight 23 - Obsess	CD
Ish - Red	MCD
Kaleidophone - Borders	CD
King Chubby - Qedeshim	CD
Kodo - Sai-so	CD
Krzisnik, Boris - Currents of Time	CD
Machine That Also Lets You Draw - Machine That Also Lets You Draw	CD
Mcnulty, Marc - Powdered Iron Rods	CD
Mgriffin - Sudden Dark	CD
Micronaut - Micronaut	CD
Model, Robert & Mantra, Michael - Sonic Continuum	CD
Mohr - Eine Form Abstrakter Eleganz	CDR
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - KMFDM Naive remix	MCD
Necrofix - Nefarious Somnabulance	CD
Neuroplague - Alter	CD
No One - No One	CD
Nomenclatura - Styxx	MCD
Non-Aggression Pact - 9mm Grudge	CD
Non-Aggression Pact - Broadcast-Quality Belligerence	CD
Our Glassie Azoth - Our Glassie Azoth	CD
Paved in Skin - Paved in Skin	MCD
Pearce, Jeff - Daylight Slowly	CD
People Like Us - Hate People Like Us	CD
Pinch - Pinch	CD
Plateau - Spacecake	CD
Pounce International - Populace Oracle	CD
Pounder - E6	CD
Principia Audiomatica - Systematic Sonority	CD
Project Dark - Excited by Gramophones Vol 4	CD
Project Mercury - Forbidden City	CDR
Purr Machine - Ging Ging	CD
Redland - Ich Mub Nun Gehn	CD
Seti - Knowledge	CD
Shamen - Make It Mine	MCD
Sister Machine Gun - Hole in the Ground	MCD
Sister Machine Gun - Metropolis	CD
Sister Machine Gun - Not My God	MCD
Sister Machine Gun - Nothing	MCD
Sister Machine Gun - Sins of the Flesh	CD
Sister Machine Gun - The Torture Technique CD (Autographed by Chris Randall)
Sister Machine Gun - Wired/Lung	MCD
Skuli Sverrisson - Seremonie	CD
Solarus - Crystallized	MCD
Sphere Lazza - Incinerate	CD
Stokes, Saul - Washed in Mercury	CD
Stokes, Saul - Zo Pilots	CD
Sub Version - The Winds of War	CD
SubArachnoid Space - Almost Invisible	CD
SubArachnoid Space - Endless Renovation	CD
SubArachnoid Space - These Things Take Time	CD
Sumerland - Demonstration	CDR
Superficial Depth - Digital Superimposing	CD
System 01 - Victim 34	MCD
Temples of the Times - Requiem For the Lost Children	CD
Terminal Sect - Bread and Wine for the Dirt	CD
Testube - Reconstructive Surgery	CD
Thread - Thread	CD
Tollefson, David - Near and Far	CD
Torn Skin - Mislead	CD
Totemplow - Applaud The Execution	CD
Trace Decay - Dispersion	CD
Transmisia - Frigid Prose	CD
Trust Obey - Hands of Ash	CD
Turk Knifes Pope - Performance for Crippling Data Restriction	CD
Unfolkus - Unfolkus	CD
Urania - Aquarius	MCD
Urania - Initiation	CD
Urbanatribu - Urbanatribu	CD
Various Artists - An Ear To An Atmosphere	CD
Various Artists - Awaiting The Dawn	CD
Various Artists - Barcode 1	CD
Various Artists - Biotech 02	CD
Various Artists - Blackout	CD
Various Artists - Collapsing Structures	CD
Various Artists - Colloquium {1	CD
Various Artists - Complications	CD
Various Artists - Cyberflesh Conspiracy	CD
Various Artists - Cyberpuncture	CD
Various Artists - Cybonetix 1999	CD
Various Artists - DLK 1	CD
Various Artists - DLk 2	CD
Various Artists - Dark Awakenings I	2CD
Various Artists - Digital:6::Focus:A	CD
Various Artists - Distention	CD
Various Artists - Divine 6	CD
Various Artists - Dread Kennedy's	CD
Various Artists - Drug Test Vol. 1	2CD
Various Artists - Eat Your Corn	CD
Various Artists - Economized	CD
Various Artists - Elecktrocinetik	CD
Various Artists - Electro Shock Therapy	CD
Various Artists - Electro-Discharge	CD
Various Artists - Elektrotehnika Slavenika	CD
Various Artists - Full Frontal Lobotomy	CD
Various Artists - Futronik Structures Vol I	CD
Various Artists - Futronik Structures Vol II	CD
Various Artists - Industrial Christmas Carol	CD
Various Artists - Industro Synthesis	CD
Various Artists - Innovation	CD
Various Artists - Kinetic Instinct	CD
Various Artists - Lethal Injection	CD
Various Artists - Module	CD
Various Artists - Oracle Pool 2	CD
Various Artists - Other Worlds	2CD
Various Artists - Positively Charged Electrons	CD
Various Artists - Prospective I	CD
Various Artists - Prospective IV	CD
Various Artists - Release Your Mind II	3CD
Various Artists - Resonance	CD
Various Artists - Rise/Converge	CD
Various Artists - Rohstoff	CD
Various Artists - Syncromesh:001	CDR
Various Artists - Texundton 32	CD
Various Artists - Towards The Sky	CD
Various Artists - Voyager	CD
Various Artists - Wire Tapper 10 2CD
Vein Cage - Feral Din	CD
Vidna Obmana - Landscape in Obscurity	CD
Vince K. - Nothing on Earth	CD
Viridian Sun - Perihelion	CD

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