Thirst Lyrics

Transcribed from Black Words on White Paper


There's something
It's less
A feeling
I don't know what
Unsure/Be sure
I can't
Maybe a test
Maybe I failed
Maybe I won

Try try
Try try
Try try

Contest consist resist
Maybe she would smile
I see it
There's something I know I can't resist
Can't fail to exist
Will conquer
This feeling of lessness
Deep greyness
We are empty, unsolid

Try try
Try try
Try try

Can't stand it
I don't know what
Unsure/Be sure
I can't
Maybe a test
There's something

Try try
Try try
Try try

I love you to distraction, here in a nightclub faces mingle dark
Light, morality, anti-morality, sheer body makes me sweat,
I understand nothing, I understand your appeal.
Maybe I fail, maybe I win


I feel a sensation
I could say anything
And you would not hear
I could be anyone out there
And you would return
Never knew this would be the first time again
She is the last but I know she is the first
Uptown apocalypse
Concrete and shouts all around
Down on the street I can see well
Pictures of voice models in Korean army chic
This could be the center of sense
Could be a disco kitsch
Well is this where it happens
1000 bodies cramped into a tight space
Line up the guns
The squad will be down in a minute
Shoot all the people in a single file

White Cell

Active, then immobility
I am myself
Against their laws of morality
I turn towards the eastern block
Create a new mental space
Carve out an area which is undefined
Begins to work
Then wheels turn
Juliette invades my dreams
Nature is benign
Darkness is sweeter than earths red wine

In my white cell
Nothing is right
Imprisoned, I make my own world suffer
For sensory deprivation increased my will
Their cruelty is ironic
For my pain is freedom against their will

I put pen to paper for my cause
Glorify my perversest thoughts
Four walls enclosed
I am alone to dwell on the darkest thoughs of man
Even though I could not exist I tried

120 days lost
And then complete
I ask for a non-religious funeral
But I am inturned in holy ground
Locked in endlessness in my white cell
As a person lost of sense and of will

Piano Pain

No contact
No consequence
Search for key not search for new scale
Consent, I seek vibration to lower rhythms
In physical systems

Attached, Detached anxiety
To much at their disposal
I seek to find a solution
I seek to find a solution
Looking through beyond, I am listening

Underneath all this a voice describes how life is leaving him
Haunted by blue visions, distorted glass fragments
Speak to him, females torture his hours
With words of indoctrination
Manuscripts lay written, all is dark
Well keyboards assemble themselves at dawn
Pain o pain
Pain o pain
Pain o pain
Pain o pain

Blue Tone

No new words
No letters
No postcards
I'm alone, dislocated
I feel intense
I wait for night to fall
I sit in silence on my own
Waiting for you to call but you never call

This is your blue tone calling I wrote it for you
This is your blue tone signaling and it's for you

Blue walls stained blue
Blue room so cold so ill
I stagger out
The silence and darkness forbears on my soul
I am alone
Waiting for you to call

This is your blue tone calling I wrote it for you
This is your blue tone signaling and it's for you

We were going to see a film remember
Something about blue grass
Something deep in the south
I can't be too clear
Maybe it was the empire of senses
It's not too clear
This is your blue tone calling I wrote it for you
This is your blue tone signaling and it's for you
I wrote this blue tone and dedicated it to you
You went and left me in my blue tone

North Loop

North loop
North loop
North loop
North loop
Were on the line again
Return again
To and fro here we go
Taped a voice, measured its tonal depth
played it back again
North Loop
Start Again
North Loop
Start Again
Then all these would be funksters (pop up)
start again
We have the theories
We've got it all
Going to sort out the boys
Who pop up
North loop
Here we are again
North loop
Machinery lines up again
Smoke fill up the sky again
Were back on the road time for a new noise again
North loop
North loop
North loop
North loop

4 Hours

This midmorning awakening
This bleak whiteness, nothingness
The eye that stares through your mirror
A suction entanglement
On stained sheets
Figures with no regrets
Their doubts caste a shadow here
The time drifts
The time swells
The skies melt
In my dream I am older
Everything is soft out of focus
There's this sound which disturbs me
A clarinet plays in the distance
Everything turns black and white
I must go to work
I know where it is
I've been there before
I'll go there this time
They will not have to force me
I'll go there willingly
I'll go there today
This could be New York
This could be London
I don't care anymore
I'm wearing this suit
A black suit
I'm wearing this time
A black tie
I'm carrying this case
A black case
I walk down the street
The people are staring
The taxi cab is slower
A piano falls from above
It smashes in front of me
I fall to the floor
I open this door
I'm back in my room
I see two people asleep
This midmorning awakening
This bleak grey whiteness, nothingness
The eye that stares through your mirror
I see two figures asleep
They look older
You look Older
We're all older
Let us join them in their dreams
We're only four hours
We're only four moments
We're only here too long


I can not move
Each limb would burst
If I move through
A body with no constrain
A body with no pain
Made of grey iron
Forged without soul
Cast in silence in the corner of discord

Endless distance divides enclosed
New chapter beginning
Same page unfolds
Caught in torture
When I was born
In desolate dream I walk alone
Through the centuries of hunger
To the year 1201
Cannibals of Cairo
To the 2nd millennium B.C.
I saw the spirit doomed, without reason or reprieve
To the burning of Jews Berlin 1510
We ate his body we drank his blood
I saw the horror
I saw the good
I was indifferent
I walk alone
I broke their chains so we could talk
But did you understand
You are one of thousands who were here before
Now, with this same detachment
To the 2nd millennium A.D.

You are alone in this desolate dream
I see no reason to delude time
For this is your end
Caught in one moment
When I spoke to you
I am so lonely
So you could escape
But you won't
My name is Chronus
One moments expands forever
One moment
Is all I need
All for a moment

Impressions of African Winter

Impressions of African winter
The sun shining down on your hair
Concrete tundra filled with an endless face
You're leaving a photograph of emptyness
I'm left in this land a stranger who is alone
Impressions of African winter
You're too cold
But then mostly I feel her warmth
I can recall
Isolated moments capture in a hundred memories
I have wrote
Impressions of love caught in time that will always remain
Sometimes I feel like an endless tape, repeating my mistakes
The Real/Unreal/The sublime
So many faces montaged but one whose eyes are brown
Flesh tanned and red dust skies
A landscape which divides enclosed
Heat of the moment ivory and black velvet fall
I kissed her lips
Small child, you are the first and the last
We carry our journey, beside each other we can overcome
I feel you're sensuality
Impressions of African winter
Autumn leaves are falling now
The summer has ended
You've given me a photograph

[Clock DVA]
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