Teste Tones

  1. Test Tone - 40 Hz
  2. Teste Tones
  3. E.P.M.D. (Eroto-Psycho Motor Disturbances)
  4. A.A.A. (Audio Alpha Activity)
  5. Magnesia
  6. Magnetic Pharmacology
  7. A.A.A.A. (Accelerated Audio Alpha Activity)

Teste Tones

"Accelerated Audio Alpha Activity was designed as an instrumentation of transformation through applied concentrative technique. AAAA is the synthesis of an audio formulae, not a musical composition. The formulae is composed of music sound syllables and specific vibratory pulses, who's (sic) inherent properties encourage a concentrative state, opening psychic fields, and instilling a temporary alteration of consciousness under certain conditions. The patterning of these mutable syllabic repetitions encourage brain waves to pulse in the Alpha-Theta region. The region of Alpha and Theta are the frequencies associated with dreamlike hypnogogic states. By providing an Alpha/Theta ganzfield (a specific stabilized stimulus), AAAA magnifies these frequencies, enabling them to take predominance in all areas of the brain (areas which are normally utilizing a variety of frequencies associated with day to day consciousness.

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