1. Signal (3:45)
  2. Voice Recognition Test (5:54)
  3. The Obsession Intensifies (5:28)
  4. Two Souls (4:21)
  5. Re-Entry (5:53)
  6. Pool Of Shades (6:40)
  7. Return To Blue (6:12)
  8. Eternity (4:34)
  9. Sign (5:27)

Sign is a signal a symbol, a complex icon of mind A technology of glyphs A new code in the system of thought, a shape changer, a transmission of sound and a transmission of soul Within and beyond this iconograph of time, a new observatory, to map the antique contours of mind A new phonetics, an invisible language of soul.

The aluminum airstreams dull metal shine reflected on me shades of Alan B. Sheppard. His short grey crew cut hair seemed to match the coloration of the trailer. Deep in the corona of his eyes the memory of his capsule revolving on its lonely journey. A black metal satellite hurtling through the abyss of space. Standing alone now on Cocoa Beach, his old NASA flight bag in his hand, still wearing his G.I. issue leather flight jacket. What happens to the mind in its pursuit to go beyond the will of time? Could it be that traveling into outer space, even thinking about it was a forced evolutionary stop with unforeseen consequences? The eating of a vary special kind of fruit?.

Perhaps for the central nervous system space was not a linear structure at all but a model for an advanced condition of time, a metaphor for eternity. Why had some of the original astronauts of the Apollo program in the decades afterwards withdrawn into silence and mysticism. Had the hidden affects of the moon and me true nature of the Apollo Moon Mission initiated this condition? Recent evidence indicates that NASA never made public me true objectives of the space program, with its links to military space operations, secret weapon developments under the cover of the civilian space program and the suppressed gravity research discoveries.

Were the events that occurred to his colleagues just more events in me story that is now beginning to unfold? In 1963 while circling the earth in his Mercury capsule, L. Gordon Coopers conversation with mission control was interrupted by voices conversing in a language unknown to earth. During the Apollo 8 flight in 1968 other astronauts had me same experience. The frequency used by NASA is one virtually impossible to penetrate by earth radio transmissions. Philologists agreed that what was beard was a language of some complex form, that is, it had the structure of a language but not one that they could decode. James A. McDivin was in the Gemini 4 space vehicle when he saw a cylindrical object with an apparent antenna in tree flight over the Pacific Ocean on June 4th 1913. It seemed to close in on the spacecraft but vanished after the sun had temporarily blinded the astronaut. No man-made object was known to be in orbit in the area at that time. On another occasion, off the coast of China, McDivin saw a light moving with Gemini 7, he could not see any details. Later after flying in the Gemini 7 Frank Borman reported that in addition to the booster which was accompanying his crash in orbit he saw another bright object amongst a cloud of illuminated particles ... no satisfactory explanation was ever been officially given.

CIA, FBI and State Departments have in their possession the remains of crashed UFD's and the bodies of the crash inhabitants stored in the blue room of the Wright-Patterson Air Base. Captain Kevin D. Randle U.S.A.F. (retired worked on me governments top secret project Blue Book Study which details the Rosewell Incident in New Mexico from which the remains were taken. Professor L.G. Lawrence of the Ecola Institute in San Benardino, California claims to have made recordings of biological radio transmissions while conducting research in the Mojave Desert in New Mexico. Biological radio signals are apparently faster than light and are transmitted only by living biological forms. The radio transmissions were picked up from the galaxy known as the Epsilon Bootes which contains the constellation Ursa Major, within the system are the stars Sirius and Sirius B The Dog Star. The Dog Star is an invisible white dwarf star known to the Dogon Tribe of Mali Africa for thousands of years, although its existence was only detected by the invention of radio astronomy. The Sirius mystery and the deity associated to it - Set, is the central core to occult magick, the complexities of which can he found in the writings of Howard Phillips Lovecraft as well as the antique mythological documents of Sumer, Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Recently NASA has initiated the most intensive search for extra- terrestrial intelligence S.E.T.I. ever attempted. The targeted search led by NASA's A. M.E.S. Research Center is based on the assumption that inhabited planets should exist in similar environments to our own., Large highly sensitive radio telescopes such as the one at Arecibo in Puerto Rico will concentrate on 80 sun like stars which are in our part of the galaxy. The automated search will take a close look in me frequency range ZOW to 3,00J MH, known as the microwave window. NASA's jet propulsion laboratory will examine the remaining 99% of the sky by using smaller antenna like the gold stone dish, which will probe the higher range of frequencies above the microwave window. The beta system will be introduced by the end of 1993. The world's largest spectrum analyzer will scan the entire sky at high resolution, its aim is to extend the search even further by introducing a system capable of searching six billion channels, including complete coverage of the so called water hole band width. It almost seems that in some way we are being prepared for the inevitable declaration and confirmation that for thousands of years this knowledge was known, but kept in secrecy and encoded in esoteric religious manuscripts. Perhaps Sheppard and the other astronauts already knew the future and its implications.

The sign is clear.
A. Newton 1993

References Myths of the Near Future

The above edited version is taken from the longer article Sign which extends the concepts and details which appear above.

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