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  2. AI to IA (Artificial Intelligence to Intelligence Alien) (6:10)
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  4. Sacred Laboratory (3:51)
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  6. Biological Wavelength (3:18)
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  8. Psychological Astrology (9:40)

The Birth of Psychophysicists

Psychophysics was developed by Gustave Fechner, who believed that science and technology had mad man materialistic and indifferent to spiritual matters. He postulated the conceptual notion that science could measure states of mind.

He began to experiment with this notion in 1850. Ten years later he published Elements of Psychophysics. One of the most influential treatises of modern science, the book established psychophysics, a term Fechner himself devised, as a science, and provided a treasury of experimental data that psychophysicists were to explore and extend for generations.

But even before Fechner's day the concept of sound and vibration and its relationship to cosmology and ontology had been advancing along other paths. In the Hindu tradition, for instance, sound has always been understood to be the creative force from which all matter emanates.

Although most scientists have discounted these religious beliefs, modern physicists have recently begun to realize that at the subatomic level all matter is in a state of constant motion; that matter is indeed energy at different rates of vibration and that by varying the rate of vibration we can change the structure of matter.

Looking at the work of Swiss doctor and scientist Hans Jenny gives us some insight into the mysterious process of creation. Jenny devised specialized apparatus to vibrate sound through various media, capturing on film the harmonic and often beautiful patterns produced by sound.

Figure 1 shows the mantra that has been used for centuries in the East to represent the Aum, the mantra of mantras.

Figure 2 shows Hans Jenny's experiment whereby Aum was uttered into an electronic transmitter, and the resulting sound waves that created the same pattern.

For thousands of years the sacred texts of India have taught that sound holds the key to the mysteries of the universe, to the creation and sustaining of our world, and to means of extricating ourselves from its bonds.

In the Eastern Tradition the world of phenomenon is seen as a reflection of the infinite combinations of sound patterns, all derived from the soundless sound of the one who creates.

n order to explore the nature of sound, we will have to correlate the sciences of biology, atomic physics, chemistry and mathematics, because sound is the integrating phenomenon of life, the common denominator through which and by which everything else operates.

It will take certain stretching of our minds to embrace the true nature of this creative sound.

While the nature of these interactions is "subtle and complex" and their implications for public health remain unclear, the study said, "there are legitimate reasons for concern.

The danger of sound or frequencies being primarily the same thing is not a new concept. In 1960 Professor Gavreau, head of the Electro-Acoustics and Automation Laboratory in France investigated the use of infrasonics as a weapon for military purposes. He devised a siren which emitted a note of 37 cycles, the effects which could kill instantaneously when amplified to extreme high levels. Problems with directionality at that time prevented its further development.

Since the days of these early experiments secret American military research projects have been developed techniques that enable control of human behavior over long distances via use of sound frequencies. It has recently been proposed by US military to engage in the use of black noise generators in limited warfare situations. We can only guess as to the degree of sophistication they have achieved, as information of this nature is restricted. But there can be no doubts that current research is discovering further applications in this field.

Soundless Sound

Indian metaphysics explains that sound is the cause and not the effect of vibration and that there can be sound without vibration even without the usual medium of conveyance such as air, water, or (so called) solid matter. This is the concept of "potential sound", the driving energy and force behind all manifestations. it is considered an infinite, endless continuum, indivisible, unfragmented and potent, the most powerful source of all.

The power within the core of an atom is but a minute pinpoint of this infinite energy, yet even this is able to destroy cities and even whole planets with its power.

With the exception of the work of a handful of advanced scientists, such as Nikola Tesla and John Keely, the relatively coarse instruments of modern science have barely begun to probe this energy source. It is interesting to note that recently American military researchers have located the gap in the microwave window whereby matter can be re-shaped by frequency.

Over the past few years reports and programs on the hazards of electromagnetic fields have appeared throughout the world. One story, in the New York Times in 1989 reported "It is now clear that 60 hertz and other low frequency electromagnetic fields can interact with individual cells and organs to produce biological changes."

Finally, the recordings on this compact disc are concerned with a more benevolent directive. and are aimed to stimulate and aid the expansion of consciousness and relaxation of physiological tensions. Our aim was to create a recording which could be used for these purposes.

This is the true aim of psychophysics, the attunement of body and spirit. Recently Dr. P.G. Manners has developed Cymatic Wave Therapy, which he describes as "the medical transplanting of harmonic frequencies into the human structure." This therapy is based on the idea that the body is vibrating, or giving off frequencies, and that scientific instruments can duplicate the ideal frequencies of any given area, and reinforce them.

With these ideas, and an open mind, we can develop a new form of being.

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