Macula Orange

  1. Macula
  2. Orange
  3. On Fusion I
  4. Ride
  5. On Fusion II
  6. Generation Digital
  7. Flavour Shapes
  8. Splinted Energy

Macula Orange

Visions of crystallized syrup. Sensory fuel for the excursionist, effects mould and patterns interpret the futuristic writers and painters;

The admixture of specificed external forms of appearances, fine particles jointly exultant - ha.

Can we justify reasons - yes, when splinted and generation - digital fuse.

Dimensions in three - polymorphism - the pressure uncanny, treads cross to side,visitors are received - whither permitting, on fusion transcends to Zenith so keen to enjoy the penetrating flavor shape so - vorticist - open your carapace time to transmute.

Life taste so - sensual elemental sylph,

Macula fragments merrily looking operations proceed, stimulate and come again, sensations of Orange Sherbet reveals romantic flavors - cortex - the color scan the balance is exposed. Synapse the communications is freed.

Wait just one more thing to add:
The test is involuntary dilation of the iris - yes to your answer - change is more applicable than words - now Relax and Ride.

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