Kinetic Engineering

Adi Newton, Dean Dennis, Paul Browse, Robert Baker

  1. The Hacker
  2. Sound Mirror
  3. Man-Amplified
  4. Axiomatic and Hueristic
  5. Fractalize
  6. NYC Overload
  7. Bitstream
  8. Technogeist
  9. Final Program
  10. Voice Recognition Test

Kinetic Engineering is a collection of visual ideograms developed by ClockDVA personnel R.E. baker and A. Newton during work on the albums Buried Dreams and Man-Amplified. These videos were constructed and engineered using computer technologies at the Anterior Research Station 1988-1993. This is the first time that ClockDVA have made available its video output and this collection represents the first complete catalogue. To try to describe in any detail these visualizations would be a restriction of their form. This is the first reel for the Inner Cinema, a kinetically engineered dream transformed through the technology of spirit. New codes for the pattern of sight and sound, open your eyes and open your mind, these are audible paintings.

Clock DVA 1993

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