Iso-Erotic Calibrations Press Release

Side Effects: DFX 21
Compact Disc Only
Release Date: May 23, 1994
UPC 75390-78903-27

Iso-Erotic Calibrations is the third CD to be released on the newly reactivated Side Effects, recently relocated from London to Los Angeles. Side Effects will release records from their new home in California, and Soleilmoon will assist with distribution and promotion.

Iso-Erotic Calibrations is the first new album in five years by The Anti Group/TAGC. This album maps new realms in the area of sensual electronic music. Founder Adi Newton, who's better known for his other musical group Clock DVA, uses The Anti Group as an outlet for his research in psycho-acoustic music. Iso-Erotic Calibrations explores the potent topic of human sexuality. The tracks, recorded over the past three years, are all new and previously unreleased. Followers of The Anti Group will be surprised by the more accessible, even commercial sound of this new CD. The CD comes with an attractive booklet filled with text and illustrations supporting the different songs.

Iso-Erotic Calibrations contains seven tracks and has a total running time of just over 50 minutes.

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