Iso-Erotic Calibrations

  1. Iso-Erotic Calibration (6:52)
  2. Union With Sirens (7:55)
  3. Mercurius (4:45)
  4. Annals of Society (5:17)
  5. Neurological Engineering (10:23)
  6. Psychophonophilia (7:43)
  7. Ethermeral (6:48)

Iso-Erotic Calibrations

To adjust the joints to each other, coax the limbs, head and torso into winsome poses, then run the eys and hand over these softly dipping vales, relish the pleasure of the shapely curves, give them a pretty turn or with a blood wrenching gusto wrench them out of shape. Finally, beware of the remaining unresponsive to the inner workings, probe into the thoughts of little girls and make the deepest strata of those thoughts visible, preferably through the navel:
a panorama opened up in the depths of the womb by multicoloured electric lightning.
Here perhaps lies the solution.
Hans Bellmer, "The Doll" 1934.

Union With Sirens

The Siren, the mythological temptress of the ocean luring her victims to their deaths by the sound of her seductive choral voice, the allure of hidden death. The creatures half-human half-fish seduce mortals to acquire a soul by intercourse with humans.
The libido is fundamental to each of us as an, "Indestructable core of darkness."


Mercurius is the devined winged Hermes manifest in matter, the god of revelation, lord of thought and sovereign psychopomp. The liquid metal, argentum vivum - "living silver", quick silver was the wonderful substance that perfectly expressed the nature of the (unprintable word): that which glistens and animates within. When the alchemist speaks of Mercurius, on the face of it he means quick silver, but inwardly he means the world creating spirit concealed or imprisoned im matter. The dragon is probably the oldest pictorial symbol in the alchemy of which we have documentary evidence. It appears as the (another unprintable symbol), the tail eater, in the codes marcianus, which dates from the 10th or 11th century together with the legend: (another unprintable symbol)(the one, the all). Time and again the alchemists reiterate that the opus proceeds from the one that leads back to the one, that it is sort of a circle like a dragon biting its own tail. For this reason the opus was often called circulare (circular) or else rota (the wheel). Mercurius stands at the beginning and the end of the work: he is the prima materia, the caput corvi, the the nigredo, as dragon he devours himself and as dragon he dies, to rise again as the lapis. He is the play of colours in the cauda pavonis and the division into four elements. He is the hermaphrodite that was in the beginning, that splits into the classical brother-sister duality and is reunited in the coniunctio, to appear once again at the end in the radiant form of the lumen novum, the stone. He is metallic yet liquid, matter yet spirit, cold yet fiery, poison yet healing draught - a symbol uniting all opposites.

Annals of Sancity

Abbe Boullan (1824-93) the de frocked abbe and French occultist whose writings and teachings included the attainment of salvation by means of sexual congress with arch-angels and other extraterrestrial entities. The French occultist would probably have remained, virtually unknown to the world at large it is wwasn't for the work of J.K. Huymans in his classic novel La Bas who knew Boullan and his activities and based the chracter of Dr. Johannes on him.

Neurological Engineering

Brainwashing is happening to all of us all of the time. Knowledge of brain functions is our only protection against it. The soultions to our predicament are neurological. We must assue responsibility for our nervous systems. Our robothood can remain static if we endlessly repeat the imprints of infancy to adolescence, or it can be drastically altered by brainwashers without our consent, or we can take control of our nervous systems. If we don't assume this personal responsibilty, we can each be any person we want to be.


O rose, thou art sick!
The invisible worm
The flies in the night,
In the howling storm,

Has found out they bed
Of crimson joy,
And his dark secret love
Does they life destroy.

William Blake
"The Sick Rose"


From the Book of Coming Forth Into Day (miscalled the Totenbuch of Book of The Dead), from utterances 64 and 149, Brit. Mus. Papryus No. 9900, sheets 23, 24, and Papyrus No. 10,4777, sheet 30:

I am Yesterday and Tomorrow, and have power to regenerate myself.... The hitherto closed door is thus open.... and the radiance in my heart hath made it enduring. I can walk in my new mortal body... and go into the domain of the starry gods... Now I can speak in accents to which they listen, and my language is that of the star Sirius.

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