Industrial Cosmetics

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Industrial Cosmetics

The human power to control and shape the surrondings we inhabit has been a continously augmented to the extent that it has become a truism to speak of a man made world, the instrument of this transformation has been mechanized industrial and from its workshops and factories a swelling flood of artefacts and mechanisms has poured out to satisfy the needs and desires of an ever greater proportion of the world's population. In craft production conception and realization are linked and coordinated by the interplay of hand, eye and materials. Sector assume a persistence of unity in craft and expression, an inward looking relationship between soul and product - the emphasises placed on individual achievement and analysis of sound, focused on identifying unique qualities of external forms...
The physician is concerned (unlike the naturalist) witha single organism, the human subject, striving to preserve it's identity in adverse circumstances...Ivy MC. Kenzie.

Psycho Cybernetics

It is also rather ironic that Cybernetics, which began as a study of machines and mechanical principles that goes far to restore the dignity of man as a unique creative being. Psychology, which began with the study of mans psyche or soul, almost ended depriving man of his soul. The behavourist, who understood neither the "MAN" nor the machine and thereby confused the one with the other.
Also told is that thought is merely the movement of electrons, consciousness merely a chemical action, "Will" and "Purpose" were myths. Cybernetics which began with the study of physical machines, makes no such mistake. The science of Cybernetics does not tell us the "MAN" is a machine but that man USES a machine moreover, it tells us how that machines functions and how it can be USED.

A Whisky Milk

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