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The Hacker

Adi Newton, Dean Dennis, Paul Browse

  1. Hacker - Reprogrammed 1 7:18
  2. Hacker - Reprogrammed 2 7:18
  3. Hacker - Reprogrammed 3 7:18


The Hacker (7:05)
Within the language of machines, a digital murder, a mathematical terrorist, an algebra of evil. The occult synthesis of alembic technology. Caesura, cleave, cut, digitate, divide, detach, disconnet, sever, slice, luxation, lacerate, truncate. The dissection of knowledge, the hacking of facts. Programming and digital transfer.

Illustration - Computer generated images by Karl Sims, MIT Media Lab


The Connection Machine (4:00)
The advancement of artificial intelligence from ENIAC forward. The oblique reference to Harry Call is based on private documents related to illegal recordings, and surveillance technology.

Photograph - The Connection Machine. Digitally manipulated samples taken from communication technologies and illegally obtained filter recordings.

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