Digitaria Press Release

Side Effects Records: DFX 25
Compact Disc Only
Release Date: May 9, 1994
UPC 75390-78902-28

Digitaria is the first CD to be released on the newly reactivated Side Effects Records, recently relocated from London to Los Angeles. Side Effects Records will release records from their new home in California, Soleilmoon will assist with distribution and promotion.

T.A.G.C., often known as The Antigroup, is fronted by Clock DVA founder Adi Newton. This group has existed for the better part of ten years. Digitaria was originally released in 1987 on Sweatbox Records, following a mini-album released the year before, and a 12 inch single the year before that. Another single and a second album, Teste Tones, on Side Effects Records, followed close behind. Soon afterwards Sweatbox Records went to the great turntable in the sky, and Digitaria vanished from circulation, taking with it all the other Sweatbox releases. In 1991 Soleilmoon issued Teste Tones on CD with extra tracks, but until now the other records were out of print. Along with predecessors Cabaret Voltaire, and a whole host of following groups, T.A.G.C. have created a body of music that helped make Sheffield, England so well known for electronic music.

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