Digital Soundtracks

  1. The Sensual Engine (6:26)
  2. Cycom (4:06)
  3. The Presence (4:14)
  4. Sound Sweep (5:55)
  5. Chemical (6:08)
  6. Delta Machines (5:09)
  7. Stills of Emotion (5:19)
  8. The Inversion (7:13)
  9. The Operators (6:46)
  10. E-Wave (4:47)
  11. Diminishing Point (5:00)
  12. Stations of the Mind (6:03)

The Inner Cinema

We are by nature visual thinkers, living in a sono-optical realm where we are dominated and moulded by the images and sound of our inner desires. In Tantric Science there is a theory relating to sound in its broadest sense as a spectrum of frequencies that can re-make and re-model matter. Recently a Swiss scientist Hans Jenny ha. developed specialised instruments to vibrate sound through various media capturing on film the harmonic patterns produced by sound. These photograms of sonology clearly indicate that a theory which is known to be over 2,000 years old was perfectly correct, this re-affirmation opens new doors to perception and cognition. Even at the present stage of technological development our instruments are still inadequate. How can we measure a scale if we have no idea as to the size and structure of that scale? Information gained by intuition over 2,000 years ago without the aid of externalised mechanics points to the seat of knowledge, the mind.

If everything we make is an extension of the mind, then the mind and its creation are one, although there can be no doubts as to the existence of abhorrant states. Which only further indicate that we are not in full control of the mind. Even so anything that can be thought can exist or alternatively are we as Aliester Crowley believed "feeble transmitters for another as yet unknown force". Martin Heidegger says "A person is neither a thing or a process but an opening through which the absolute can manifest". Are our dreams a new topography of the psyche operating on a waveband not normally perceived during the waking state of Beta Rhythm 13-30Hz. Normally dreams occur during the Theta Rhythm 7-7Hz and reports have indicated that Delta waves 1/4-4Hz appear at the onset of Psi phenomena but the exact neuro mechanism still remains unseen. Nobel prize winner Nigel Sperry in the lead paper for the Annual Review of Neurosciences says "Current concepts of the mind-brain relation involve a direct break with the long established materialist and behaviourist doctrine that has dominated neuroscience for many decades. Instead of renouncing or ignoring consciousness, the new interpretation gives full recognition to the primacy of the inner conscious awareness as a casual reality. Once science modifies its traditional materials-behaviourist stance and begins to accept in theory and to encompass in practice within its causal domain the whole world of inner conscious subjective experience then the very nature of science is changed.

Today V R Mind amplifier designers are bringing about every [sic] tighter connections between human thought processes and computer information-processing capabilities. Haptic displays for scientific visualisation that will aid in molecular design pharmaceutical and medical imaging are just some of the areas currently being explored. Neuro-chemistry is also on a threshold of great discoveries, research into psychotropics is revealing new insights into the functions and the chemical structure of the brain. As current technology develops means to extend the realms of the senses we will see further increases in the ways in which we can experience and visualise our dreams and desires, and the possibilities of extending and of developing the spectrum of perception in both a human and machine based context. The central core within cybernetics is evolvement.

The Inner Cinema is the seat that gives rise to the visions that become the realities of tomorrow, what shapes this process and how is still beyond our present state. What is emerging are glimpses into the mysteries that have been ascribed to the workings of sacred system. Sound like vision is form. In the time to come it will be possible to translate these forms into new areas although these manifestation will be the actualisation of concepts that have already been foreseen by visionaries like Stephane Mallarme whose book IGITUR wrote [sic] between 1867 and 1870, but which he dared not published, was however published after his death in 1925. IGITUR is an adventure into the realm of the unknown the first poetic work to be based entirely on the materialistic mysticism which later turned out to be the basis of surrealism. In his descent/ascent into the absolute, Igitur experiences various states of being among these are that "Sound will be robbed of all its characteristics except the beat". As a result we are to envisage the sensation of rhythm without sound. Light will likewise be divested of everything but its shadow, shadow and its reflection the barriers between the visual and auditory need no longer exist. Seeing is represented as the ultimate manifestation of hearing.

Adi Newton
Digital Soundtracks
1992 Contempo

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