Black Words on White Paper

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Black Words On White Paper

This document is the first publication that contains all the worlds for the Clock DVA albums up to 1989, in this sense it is unique. Not only does it contain the lyrics for White Souls in Black Suits, Thirst, Advantage and Buried Dreams but also reprints the text for the abandoned novel, Invisible Suns, originally drafted in 1979, but as yet unfinished and until now unpublished. recently I came upon a piece of information regarding the Edgar Cayce Readings. The readings insist "That the power of the soul is such that mankind's activity for good and bad can in fact produce changes in the universe. Sun spots are but one source of this phenomenon and indicate how defects in mans character are manifesting as flaws in the sun - the source of his vital energy. The intricacies of how this process works may be explained by considering the endocrine gland system which represents a transmitter/receiver system for planetary energies and which not only picks up vibrations but itself emits energy of a like nature."(1)

I felt its inclusion here would take it partially away from the usual format of lyric books in the sense that it expands on the ides that were concurrent to the written texts that I was outputting at the stage, although I think that you will ascertain from these texts a number of connections and themes that have run through all the DVA albums to date. Black Words on White paper represent the total output to date over a period of work that began in 1979 through 1989. The artworks that have been included in this document are original and have never been printed before. details of each of the works reproduced are given in the pictography at the end of the book, also included is a complete discography to date. Currently we are working on a book that will chart the concepts' activities and history of Clock DVA and other publications are planned. These include Rotogravure which is being edited by members of TAGC, at the Anterior Research Station. The first edition will be dedicated to Psychophysics. No release date can be given as yet but time is always expanding.

Adi Newton 1982

1. The Edgar Cayce Readings

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