Burning Water Press Release

Side Effects: DFX 17
Compact Disc Only
Release Date: October 31, 1994
UPC 75390-78906-24

Burning Water is the fifth CD to be released on the newly reactivated Side Effects, recently relocated from London to Los Angeles. Side Effects will release records from their new home in California, and Soleilmoon will assist with distribution and promotion. Dark Vinyl Records will handle European sales and promotion from Germany.

Burning Water is the soundtrack to a film by The Anti Group/TAGC. The film, created over a period of five years beginning in 1986 will be issued in October in Europe by Audioglobe and in America by Soleilmoon.

The original idea for The Anti Group was devised by A. Newton and S. J. Turner as early as 1978, with the intention of the formation of a multi-dimensional research & development project active in many related areas. Research and development of sound, film, video and performance and the documentation of each project was the fundamental "modus operandi". Underlying this basic idea is the deeper philosophical and theoretical conceptuality; The Anti Group could be any given number of collaborators or participants. In this respect The Anti Group are free from the formats that have built in limitations, operating within this context The Anti Group are also free from the erroneous problems of Ego.

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