Buried Dreams

Adi Newton, Dean Dennis, Paul Browse

  1. Buried Dreams (4:01)
  2. Hide (4:30)
  3. Sound Mirror (5:43)
  4. Velvet Realm (6:44)
  5. The Unseen (5:19)
  6. The Reign (5:26)
  7. The Act (5:22)
  8. The Hacker (7:23)
  9. Connection Machine (5:55)
  10. The Sonology of Sex I (4:23)
  11. The Sonology of Sex II (Le Comtesse De Sang) (3:45)

ClockDVA are hacking into the mainframe, our virus is virulent. memories lay short circuited. This energy, this electricity, this AVD, an electro-chemistry of sound. DVA are calculating a new algebra, a programme of the unseen. DVA will illuminate with phonetized apparitions a velvet realm. Hold up the sound mirror so we can see where we hide. A new reign where the hacker develops a heuristic approach, an amalgamation of technology and geist. ClockDVA the next generation are preparing for a major digital audio warfare, sound is a weapon, a sono-nuclear device. That can cut through the psychological barriers set up by the corporate systems. This is not talk of new but talk of old.

Incept dates.
The future holds many shapes.
DVA is one of them.

AVD(Od)(Heb) qabalistically = 11
The number of magick or "energy tending to change".

Buried Dreams

Based on the infamous life of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who over the course of her existence murdered one thousand females in the castles of her estates. The extremity of her sadistic crimes are catalogued in court reports of her trial in 1611. She was incarcerated in her own castle where she died at the age of 54 in 1614. In reality she was DeSade's heroine, the living embodiment of DeSade's extremist dreams.

La Comtesse de Sang Erzsebeth Bathory
Perisset, Pygmalion. Paris


The dream of phenomenon of changed or double indentity often earned a paragraph of speculation in Coleridge's notebooks. He dreamed that Humphrey Davy, mutilated by experiments to enlighten humanity, was a wretched dwarf in a hospital bed, and yet still himself. Coleridge attended lectures on chemistry given by Davy at the Royal Institution in 1802. "Trees of light growing in a soil of ether" a nitrous oxide vision described by Davy in Robert Southey's Curse of Kehama.

Coleridge's use of Laudanum and Opium, Lydia Wagner
Psychoanalytic Review xxv 1938. See also "Dr Jekyll et Les Femmes" by Walerian Borowczyk.

Sound Mirror

The mirror as a means of trafficking with the spirits and seeing past and future events reflected in its depths, was originally based upon the mirror of the 'waters' beneath the earth: The subliminal abyss of the subconscious typified by the cross and the intersection of space-time-present symbolized by the vertical beam of extra-terrestrial and clairvoyant vision. Kenneth Grant. Muller London 1974

"Listening to music is listening to all noise, realizing that its appropriation and control is a reflection of power." Noise - The Political Economy of Music. Jacques Attali.

Velvet Realm

Physiological fetishism, in the psycho-sexual sphere.

Case 118.c was an especial lover of velvet. he was attracted in a normal way by beautiful women, but it particularly excited him to have the person with whom he had sexual intercourse dressed in velvet. In this, it was remarkable that it was not so much the sight as the touch of velvet that caused the excitation. C told me that stroking a woman's velvet jacket would excite him sexually to an extent scarcely possible in any other way. (Dr Moll)

Psycopathia Sexualis. Richard Von Kraft-Ebing.

The Unseen

In the hidden realm imagination seeks answers to unknown dimensions. Enigma breeds enigma. In the unknown the mind can feel new levels of fear, its amorphous mass gives rise to the edge of the dream in its formlessness we can envisage death an endless velvet scape that leads to infinity.

The Reign

This smile too came from inside himself. He threw himself back, and felt the slow ascent within him, he looked at Lucienne's swollen lips and behind her the smile of the earth. He looked at them with the same eyes, the same desire. In a minute, in a second, he thought. The ascent stopped. And stone among the stones, he returned in the joy of his heart to the truth of the motionless worlds. Albert Camus. A Happy Death

The Hacker

Within the language of machines, a digital murder, a mathematical terrorist, an algebra of evil. A binary virus. Severing information, a new heuristic programming. In the information war techniques for the key to open encryption codes must be devised.

The Hacker and the Hacker/Hacked are dedicated to the memory of Klaus Koch aka Agberd Celine. Thought to have been murdered by CIA officials. He was 23.

"All is number. Number is in all. Number is the individual. Ecstasy is a number" Charles Baudelaire. Intimate Journals translated by Christopher Isherwood.

Connection Machine

Digitally manipulated samples taken from communication technologies and illegally obtained filter recordings based on the methods devised by William B. Moran in his book "Covert Surveillance and Electronic Penetration."

The Sonology of Sex I

From its psycho-sexual extremity to its erotic mysticism. The act of sex goes beyond the physics of science. The Sonology of Sex is an audible file.

"Rhythm is deeply impressed on our organism, whatever lends itself to the neuro-muscular rhythmical tendency of the organism exerts upon us a stimulating effect. Music is a powerful stimulant to muscular action. The Swedish philologist Sperber argues that sexuality is probably the first source of speech. And must have occurred early in vertebrate development. Vaschide and Vurpas have pointed out that even in the absence of specific localized sexual effects, the physiological effects of music resemble those of sexual excitement." Havelock Ellis. Psychology of Sex.

The Sonology of Sex II (Le Comtesse De Sang)

Continuing in this series of audible files based upon the psycho-sexual events. The above track utilizes a sample monologue based upon the activities of the Countess Elizabeth bathory. For further details on her life and activities see S. Baring-Gould "A Hungarian Bather in Blood: "The Book of Werewolves" London 1865.

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