John Valentine Carruthers, Paul Browse, Nick Sanderson, Dean Dennis, Adi Newton

  1. Tortured Heroine
  2. Beautiful Losers
  3. Resistance
  4. Eternity in Paris
  5. The Secret Life of the Big Black Suit
  6. Breakdown
  7. Dark Encounter
  8. Poem
  9. Noise in Limbo
  10. Black Angels Death Song
  11. Resistance 12 mix
  12. Breakdown 12 mix

The cool train is here lets you pull down to the street of the changing chord to the five spot cafe but the bird has flown so we stand alone and we cast tall shadows on a silent stage we are actors changing roles with a new dialogue and a jazz refrain our piano key notes tone the air men in big black suits about to funk around about to play like abstracted paintings is this 1958 or 85 time blurs the image and the music as one angry young men with passion in their hearts in their horns to blow up a storm calm the lion or make you cry blue baby or improbable swing heated discussion on the way things are the african rhythms the latin quarter Paris in the spring New York in the fall lets take five a new production this is the way we are.

Adi Newton '81

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