The Act

Adi Newton, Dean Dennis, Paul Browse

Logo The Act (6:26)
The act of charity, love, violence, faith, betrayal, aggression, mercy, madness, love, 100 years have passed and the act has retained its mystery, its enigma, its blood, the blade became the magic bullet, the hacker developed a covert mythology, an occult synthesis of conspiracy, aided by technology. We are all witness to a new stage in its development.

Logo Sonology of Sex (4:20)
From its psycho extremity to its erotic mysticisms, the act of sex goes beyond the physics of science. The sonology of sex is an audible file, the first in a series of sound designs based on sexual activities.

Above: Photographs taken Bibiliotheque De Criminalogie.
Front Cover: Photograph taken from "Histoire De Justine", Marquis De Sade

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