Magazine Cover

Voltage: Issue 5

Increased advertisement and shelf space pressure have polymorphed the latest issue of Voltage into a standard newstand size and once again offered a color cover. Lead articles for this issue include KMFDM, Martin Atkins, Lords of Acid, :wumpscut:. Killing Floor, Front Line Assembly, Mentallo & The Fixer, and local features on Pinch and Six Degrees. Cover stories include an extensive look at Digital Hardcore Recordings and the unreal virtual reality of Human Interface Technologies. The music review section has been reworked with the format change, creating room for more reviews of which they are now twenty, as well as the usual book reviews, performance reviews, and video games reviews. New to this issue include a large Local Download section with all of the Northwest Industrial new you can find as well as local demo reviews. Voltage has also increased its print run and distribution so it can now be found almost all over Washington and Oregon, while still remaining free.

P.O. Box 4127
Seattle, WA 98104


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