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Gear: Issue 44

Gear continues its resolution of placing original art on the cover it's magazine this month. It also appears that along with the artwork with be an in depth interview with the artist in each issue. Now if we could only get the contact addresses of the artists included in the interview, maybe we could get our hands on some of the eye catching arts which has graced the previous three covers. The writing and layout of the magazine has increased dramatically with the new format change excluding the little mishap with duplicate music reviews in the 'Aural Fixations' column. All things considered in comparison to some of the other print magazines in the genre one little snafu any issue deserves some serious kudos. Headlining the issue are interviews with Dessau, Sister Machine Gun, Spahn Ranch & Terminal Sect. What amazes me is the volume of interview material presented for each artist. Having spoken with the editor in the past, he conducts the majority of his interviews over the telephone rather than in person and yet still manages to acquire an extraordinary amount of material from each artist he interviews. That is some serious dedication which I envy.

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