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Alternative Press: March 1996

Someone must have whispering suggestively in the ear of Alternative Press this month coercing them to at least attempt to pay attention to the industrial genre for once. Splashed across the front page was not only one cover story with Ministry, who incidently made the cover photo, but also Skinny Puppy. The last time I even payed attention to Alternative Press was 1993 when they did a cover and eight page spread on the Revolting Cocks which was amusing to no end in it's ridiculous. AP always seems to want to portray industrial music as this zany madcap collection of musicians who seem to have nothing else better with their time than to write socially unacceptable music. There was some justice this month as the quality of both interviews was far above the usual tongue and cheek reporting. Both feature articles were in depth retrospectives of the time spent between albums of each artist. The questions were astoundingly intelligent and delved into the real meat of all the heresy surrounding both artists. As an added bonus was the more than usual number of music reviews of the electronic industrial genre tacked on to draw the fanbase to the magazine. I've got to hand it to the marketing representatives at AP, they sure know their stuff, and if we're lucky perhaps quality the writers is upswing.

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