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Szeki Kurva: The Sound of Dead Goats

  1. Beermonsters Are Go! (FairgroundMusicFromHellMix) 3:43
  2. Goat Dance (ZaDomSpremniMix) 3:17
  3. Hunter Killer (SpeedyGonzalesMix) 5:02
  4. Did You Spill My Goulash? (MiceFromBagpussMix) 6:57
  5. Flying Manga Attack (ClariolHairCurlerMix) 4:30

Those wacky Hungarian exiles are back again with a new EP and there seems to be no end to their nightmarish musical amalgamation. Mixing traditional Hungarian folk with modern electronic music, bizarre vocals, politically incorrect messages and insane attitudes, Szeki Kurva gives us "The Sound of Dead Goats". The English language simply doesn't contain enough colorful adjectives to begin to describe even a fragment of what Szeki Kurva compose. Each track mixes hundreds of years of musical styles and concepts with genre shattering results. Only Szeki Kurva could possibly sample yodeling from the Sound of Music and make it work in their music. The self ex-communicated hucksters do their best to splinter every conceivable musical law both in form and in essence. Szeki Kurva must be heard to be understood, Without experiencing this act, you simply cannot appreciate any other form of music!

Irislight Records
55 Hawkins Way
St. Columb Major
Cornwall, England


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