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Strike 1 (The remix wars): Haujobb vs. :wumpscut:

:wumpscut: (remixed by Haujobb)

  1. In the Night (Enhanced Vision)
  2. Die in Winter (Seasons Change; Springtime)
  3. Mother (Oral Staircase)

Haujobb (remixed by :wumpscut:)

  1. Consciousness (Thought Combattery1)
  2. World Window (Fusion-mix)
  3. Nezzwerk (Full Access-mix)

This release presents us with two of the masters in the electro-industrial community taking turns at remixing each others material, often by merging in strong elements of their own work into the remixes. Haujobb's remixing work gives the :wumpscut: tracks a heavier dance element (especially on the Die in Winter remix with its rap-oriented beat) and includes a heavy alien/outer space impression that is often present in much of Haujobb's own work. :Wumpscut;'s remixing work, on the other hand, gives the Haujobb tracks a very somber feel to them, much like a lot of Rudy's own work. But both of the artists infuse some magic to their remixes as well, that make these songs transcend anything as simple as just sounding like a combination of the two artist's individual styles. This is especially true on :wumpscut:'s last remix -- it creates an image of a tribal ritual somewhere in the jungles of South America working itself into a frenzy. This was not a style I would easily associate with :wumpscut:, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results. If the other remix wars are this good, I will be satisfied. (Kevin Congdon)

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