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Stormdrain: Tongue

  1. Degenerate 5:33
  2. Tongue 6:14
  3. Plague 4:42
  4. Air to the Throw 6:38
  5. Fiend 5:14
  6. Deeper 2:34
  7. Sarcoptes Galekin 5:07

Stormdrain return after an unsuccessful attempt to acquire a record deal with a self released EP that is being used to help fund a studio, better equipment and an eventual full length album. This time around, the four piece act from San Jose has chosen seven tracks with a bit more cohesion and as a result, the music flows better from track to track. However, they have found another problem, the vocalist. His vocals are far too clean and unaltered to work with this type of music. He has the perfect Pop voice, but he music is a fusion of mild guitars and Electro that sounds atrocious with this style of vocals. I normally cringe at the usage of vocal alteration, but in the case of "Tongue", I recommend it. Musically the production is tight and the composition is stellar. Stormdrain go out of their way to find a unique sound separate from other acts similar in style. The vocalist just need to quit singing in harmony because it ruins the overall mood of the music.

Stormdrain are:
Skott Reyns
Ninos Oshaana
Kevin Allen
Steve Molinari

P.O. Box 720033
San Jose, CA 95172-0033


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