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Stormdrain: Stormdrain

  1. Of Corpse
  2. Yurset
  3. Loophole

This CD demo is a collection of three drastically different tracks all from the same band. Each has very strong production and solid construction techniques which suggest the band is no novice when it comes to composing music. The first song starts out slow and sparse, building up to a very commercial sounding pop industrial track. The second track is more dub oriented and subdued with some inane vocal games at the beginning. The last track is very slow and melodic and has the potential of the first single should the band receive an album deal. Overall the band exhibits some inherent talent that is slightly overshadowed by the exceedingly commercial tinge to the music. This will probably aid them greatly in acquiring a label deal but make it difficult for them to receive any type of acceptance by the underground scene. Of course, only time will tell what truth lies in the previous statement.

Stormdrain are:
Don Jasper
Skott Reyns
Ninos Oshaana
Steve Molinari

P.O. Box 720033
San Jose, CA 95172-0033
(408) 294-7945

E-mail: none

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