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Stone 588: Door in the Dragon's Throat

  1. Lightning Rails
  2. Paradise Fields
  3. Scales of Justice
  4. Sunset Abyss
  5. Ruination
  6. Icon Bleeds
  7. Unguarded World
  8. Stygian Darkness
  9. Posthumous
  10. Night Behind the Mind
  11. Eden Lost
  12. Poseidon's Grace
  13. Panacea
  14. Contrition
  15. Door in the Dragon's Throat
  16. Westering Moon
  17. Eyes of a Statue
  18. Sleep Chamber
  19. Blur Red
  20. Shards to Sheaths
  21. Of The Ambush of God

From the first note it is obvious that Stone 588 is just your run of the mill goth band with a female vocalist. The orchestration of most of the material is bland, uninspired, and choked with cliches. The lyrics are so morbidly silly that it makes you wonder if there is actually a manual lying around for writing gothic poetry. In fact, if I didn't know better, I'd think I was reading from a doom metal band's lyric sheet. In any event, the only saving grace of the band is it's vocalist. Her depth and range keeps the album from boring it's audience to tears, even if you have to ignore the music. Hopefully Stone 588's only purpose is to have some fun and mildly entertain rather than trying to be a serious band, because they certainly would fail in that arena.

Stone 588 is:
Terri Kennedy - vocals
Dave Rhine - guitars
Paul Rocha - drums
Jon McFerson - bass guitar

Ipso Facto
517 N. Harbor Blvd
Fullerton, CA 92832


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