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Steril: Venus Trap

  1. Connected (Rage 1)
  2. Shame
  3. Zap!
  4. Deep
  5. I Believe
  6. It Should Be Real
  7. The Rain
  8. Connected (Rage 2)
  9. Your Religion

The German trio return with a turn towards a dancier direction; the inclusion of a stronger techno element tends to make some songs come across more as techno-metal than coldwave. The beats are also heavier (even brutal, as in the track Zap!) and are delivered with more of a hip-hop flavor. The vocalist definitely feels more comfortable with his natural singing voice, because he does not try to hide his voice behind a great number of effects as on the previous two albums, which adds a poppier element to many of the songs (although he does come across sounding like Sting on a few songs). For the most part, the lyrics deal with relationships and the emotions involved, which leaves the impression of listening to an album of industrial ballads. And while all the previous descriptions of the album might not sound very appealing, after giving the album a few listens, you realize that, while not entirely original, this is a very catchy album and shows that the band is not afraid to progress and expand their musical sound. (Kevin Congdon)

Steril are:
Mahne Meenen
Jan Wilking
Axel Tasler

Off Beat Records
Horster Strasse 27
45897 Gelsenkirchen-Buer


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