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Steril: Deep

  1. Deep (Extended version)
  2. Deep (Obsessed)
  3. Deep (S.A.R. mix)
  4. Deep (Radio edit)

This disc provides listeners with an abundance of styles combined in a cohesive and ear-pleasing way . There is less distortion on the vocals, manifested in what could be considered a pop style (and in the chorus they sound like, I'm afraid to say, Sting); but amazingly enough, they fit well with the music. Guitars come in harder than they have on previous releases along with the addition of harder beats and heavy techno rhythms in background. STR (from Swamp Terrorists) remixing work shows up on the Obsessed remix with his usual flair for heavy metal guitar riffs and annihilating beats. The S.A.R. remix by Severn Ni-Arb (of XMTP) gives the song a trancy house-like sensation, and turns it into a completely different song. This is a great single with plenty of styles within the electron dance realm (without alienating older fans), which leaves me in heavy anticipation for a full album from this band. (Kevin Congdon)

Steril are:
Mahne Meenen
Jan Wilking
Axel Tasler

Off Beat
Horster Strasse 27
45897 Gelsenkirchen-Buer

E-mail: none

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