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static.: Frenzied

  1. Frenzied
  2. ?Identify
  3. Frenzied (Psycho Rave Mix)

static. return with a new single after the release of their debut EP not so long ago. One might ask why this Portland act hasn't released a full length album yet. Well the answer is a simple as the existence of this single: the band has recently been approached by several record labels, one of which funded this single to promote the act to major labels. static.'s luck seems extensive for such a young act. Musically, this single departs from the radio friendly sound on their debut. Instead, the music is more caustic and quite a bit funky. The juxtaposition of the various electronic elements is extremely jarring and difficult to grasp in a single sitting. It takes several listens to truly appreciate the genre shattering implications of this single. As a result, it should serve the band well on the road to the elusive major record deal.

Static. is: Justin Chia

15920 SW Bridle Hills Dr
Beaverton, OR 97007


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