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SpineFolder: The Desecration of The Firmament

  1. Arctalicus 6:23
  2. Smeared (2500 Mix) 2:18
  3. Sentient At Last 3:57
  4. Khartoum 8:05
  5. Solitaire 3:39
  6. Phases 3:39
  7. Rawxid 5:00
  8. Kerguela 6:19
  9. The Opened Fist 12:16

Spinefolder is an progressive electronic band that is striding quickly to catch up to some tenured experimental artists amazingly well. Choosing the music as the primary focal medium, lyrics remain absent from all but one single track. The most alluring aspect of this project is that the music refuses to remain still for more than several seconds. Each track ebbs and flows unevenly much like the unsteady pattern of waves crashing on a beach front. The tempo and beat change constantly not content to remain in one single quantified pattern beyond the time it takes a listener to acquire the initial rhythm. This is definitely not your normal electronic band who retains the same scansion and meter for the duration of the entire track. Spinefolder has added an almost chaotic element to it's music by allowing it change naturally, almost of it's own accord from moment to moment. Regardless of whither the track is a slower more ambient piece or a high speed percussion piece, the music is always left free to wander any direction it chooses. While this style of music is not for everyone, any listener who has become tired of the same preprogrammed drum beats that repeat endlessly for six minutes without change might find Spinefolder to be a refreshing change of pace and might end up opening a whole new musical medium for them.

SpineFolder is: Tim Ebling


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