Album Cover

Soul Whirling Somewhere: Hope Was

Disc 1:

  1. Everything Was Beautiful
  2. How To Hang Yourself
  3. Yuma
  4. I Will Never Let Go
  5. There is No getting Through
  6. Where a Persons Splits in Two, Where Does the Old Half Go?
  7. You're a Book I'll Never Finish
  8. I Should Throw Myself Under a Train
  9. When They Emptied the Sea
  10. Strength is My Weakness
  11. I Am the Last
  12. Waking
  13. Everyone Will Eventually Leave You

Disc 2:

  1. Nothing is Different/Arkansas
  2. How to Bury Yourself
  3. The Safety in Overglorifying the Past
  4. The Last Time I Left
  5. When
  6. The Hook Through It
  7. S-qoia
  8. Sonora/Red
  9. Unsleep
  10. The Great Barrier
  11. Forget It. I Give Up. Goodbye. I Love You.

Normally I wouldn't mind minimalistic acoustic guitar and lush Ambient electronics, but in the case of Soul Whirling Somewhere, it is nothing less than hideous. The vocals are completely hideous and morose, the lyrics are painful to listen to, and the music mournful. This album is so completely depressing that I can't listen to the double CD set in less than three separate settings. The liner notes state that the entire album was written for a Sara Sequoia who also contributes vocal samples. It is definitely obvious that this release is meant as a tribute to this female as she graces all facets of the cover, liner notes, and both CD's. So it only makes sense that lyrically it is about her as well, but I think the soul bearing is a little bit extreme. I really just didn't need to hear 23 love songs about someone else's romance.

Soul Whirling Somewhere is: Michael Plaster

Projekt Records
P.O. Box 166155
Chicago, IL 60616


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