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Various Artists: Sonics Everywhere

Disc 1:

  1. PCM - Year Zero 8:55
  2. Scorn - In For 5:24
  3. Scorn - Every Bit Of 5:19
  4. SIMM - Nowhere 6:56
  5. Jupiter Crew - Heads of Children 9:29
  6. Ambush - Tracking 6:34
  7. Quoit - Stir 6:00
  8. Ambush - Inside Out 8:12
  9. Interceptor - Last Bad Trip 6:53

Disc 2:

  1. PCM - In The Cooler 6:54
  2. Scorn - Noticed 5:45
  3. Scorn - Off 4:24
  4. SIMM - These Days (Floating Mix) 6:59
  5. Jupiter Crew - Rhino Charged 8:11
  6. Ambush - To Seek 7:06
  7. Quoit - Torn Up 6:01
  8. Ambush - Detachment 7:42
  9. Interceptor - Slowly Dying 4:56

"Sonics Everywhere" is the first domestic release from Mick Harris' Possible Records in North America. This two CD set compiles all nine 12"s originally release only on vinyl in the United Kingdom. Mick Harris fans can rejoice because this release contains some of the rarest Scorn material as well as tracks from Quoit, another Harris side project. Also featured are Jupiter Crew, a James Plotkin project and Interceptor, an Eraldo Bernocchi project. Both individuals are known for their live and studio collaborations with Mick Harris in such projects as Overload Lady, Collapse, and of course, Scorn. The remainder of the material is from artists who are only known outside of the British Drum'n'Bass scene due to remix work for Mick Harris.

Overall these 18 tracks cover quite a bit of musical territory with a consistent focus on Drum'n'Bass, a staple of British clubs at the times these tracks were originally released. As a result, the musical element of choice is percussion and breakbeat is king on all of these tracks. Each artist, however, has a radically different way of applying those beats. Mick Harris is best known for his creeping and ebbingly slow dub version with immensely thick beats overlaying the traditional breakbeat. Interceptor has an edgy groove to its tracks that urge the body to gyrate so bewilderingly slow that you might confuse the music for a ballad. One thing that stands out among these tracks is the prevalent use of vocal samples, absent form a large majority of Drum'n'Bass. It is these vocal samples that give the tracks their personality and ultimately make them rise above their incessantly repetitive brethren.

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