Soma: Stygian Vistas

  1. Stygian Vista (Radio Controlled) 4:03
  2. God Send the Meat & the Devil Cooks (...and cooks...and cooks..) 6:21
  3. Amphibious Premonitions Bureau 5:09
  4. The Lost Mathematician 4:39
  5. The Olmec Enigma 6:03
  6. Stygian Vista (Nonplace Urban Field Remix) 4:58
  7. Risen From Agartha (Francois Tetaz Remix) 4:55
  8. Alchemical Nuptial (Fetish Park Remix) 7:56

Following hot on the heels of the release of the second Soma album "The Inner Cinema", comes this new remix EP. "Stygian Vistas" contains three brand new tracks, four remixes from the aforementioned new album, and a single remix from Soma debut album "Hollow Earth". As with other Soma remix EP's, the actual mixes almost qualify as new tracks themselves due to the addition of so much new material or a singular focus on a distinct element within the song for the mix. The brand new material seems to follow in the same vein as on "The Inner Cinema", and as such were probably written at the same time. Once again David Thrussel and Peter Bourke have released another solid effort in a long line of spectacular musical compositions, so be sure to scour your local retail outlet for this diamond in the rough.

Soma is: David Thrussel & Pieter Bourke

Extreme Records
P.O. Box 147
Preston 3072
Victoria, Australia

E-mail: extreme@well.com

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