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Soma: The Inner Cinema

  1. Stygian Vista 7:26
  2. Arcane 5:43
  3. The Golden Dawn 5:58
  4. The Drunken Atlantean 3:37
  5. Baal 6:07
  6. The Collector 5:43
  7. Risen From Agartha 6:12
  8. Antediluvian 4:28
  9. Alchemical Nuptial 8:38
  10. Shambhala 4:45
  11. Endless 5:01

Once again David Thrussel appears to have outdone himself. This time he has compiled a collection of fictional soundtracks with Pieter Bourke of Eden that outperforms the previous Soma release "Hollow Earth". At first listen this album appears to be a collection of such various and disparate compositional elements as keyboards, exotic percussion, harpsichord, and acoustic guitars. Yet it is the finely woven textures of these normally conflicting instruments that makes this album so concise and cohesive. It is hard to tell how each track evolves but it is rather obvious that Pieter contributes his ethnic instrumentation background with the electronic orchestration genius of David Thrussel to achieve unparalleled results. The final product can only be properly described in David's own words as "Sitting in a room with a spaghetti western film playing on one wall, an old Italian horror film on another, and someone is spinning a chip-hip record in the middle."

Soma is: Pieter Bourke & David Thrussel

Extreme Records
25 Defries Street
Toronto, Ontario M5A 3R4


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