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Solarus: Crystallized

  1. Crystallized 8:14
  2. Mute God 5:29
  3. MSP 1 4:58
  4. Abject Manipulator 7:06
  5. Messianic Slur 1 11:00
  6. Understand 6:55

If you enjoyed Solarus' full length album "Empty Nature", you will adore this new maxi CD. "Crystallized", which consists of the original versions of 'Malignant Soul Punisher' and 'Messianic Slur' along with four new tracks. The overall mood of this EP is one of minimalistic rhythms, elusive texturing and precision dub style percussion. All of the tracks remain at a slow to mid-tempo as on "Empty Nature", but Solarus vary the meter more between tracks on this record. Once again the vocals are almost non-existent. Instead of trying to use the vocal elements as crux for the track, Bill Yurkiewicz uses a subtler style of singing. In fact, he really doesn't sing at all, but rather whispers a chant lead by the cadence of the drums. As before, fans of Scorn or Matera will enjoy this release for its innovative choice of rather simplistic and minimalistic sound elements Perhaps Solarus will continue along the path that Mick Harris of Scorn ended when he dissolved the project.

Solarus is:
Kipp Johnson - bass, programming, synthesizer, samples
Bill Yurkiewicz - vocals, sounds

Relapse Records
P.O. Box 251
Millersville, PA 17551


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