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Solarus: Empty Nature

  1. Messianic Slur 1
  2. In Heaven For Eternity
  3. Whipspawn 1
  4. Subjugation
  5. Malignant Soul Punisher 2
  6. Whipspawn 2
  7. Sunyata

Solarus is a new project by Kipp Johnson and Bill Yurkiewicz of Namanax fame with just a little help from James Plotkin of Old & Flux. Solarus makes use of a great deal of empty space and minimalism in it's music that gives it a great deal of atmosphere. Many tracks consist solely of simple basslines, a few random electronic elements and a rhythm guitar playing in the background. Other tracks include a little bit of electronic layering and a vocal sample or two but essentially the music remains extremely stark. Solarus seems to be taking a lesson or two from Mick Harris, who James Plotkin has worked with frequently, with their use of such basic minimalism for their music. Often times, this lack of layering can be very boring, but Solarus's use of self-generated drum programming and sampling instead of presets makes for an very interesting listen that holds your attention very well. Fans of Scorn, Matera, Old, Flux, etc will definitely enjoy this album because it shares many common ideas and artists who had performed in those projects.

Solarus is:
Kipp Johnson - bass, programming, synthesizer, samples
Bill Yurkiewicz - vocals, sounds

Relapse Records
P.O. Box 251
Millersville, PA 17551


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