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Society Burning: Entropy Lingua

  1. Tactiq (Swineflesh mix)
  2. Immobilize Me (Drowning Cradle mix)
  3. Awaken (Dept. of Hate guitar mix)
  4. Waster (Dept. of Hate mix)
  5. Fuel Line (Dept of Hate mix)
  6. Waster (Stomp mix)
  7. Waster (Brass Balls mix)
  8. Awaken (original radio version)

Entropy Lingua is a collection of remixes from the forthcoming debut album by Society Burning. As luck would have it so many of the remixes ended up on the favorable end of the mix that an entire EP was culled from the results. Having had a chance to here several of Society Burnings independent releases before they pulled out of Denver and headed for the west coast I was taken aback by the amount of guitar on their newer material. Even taking into account the liberty of the remixers I'm left scratching my head in puzzlement. Society Burning used to produce some of the best independent cybered electronic music available and it appears that they've drifted away from that particular medium. I am sort of sad to see them leave behind a genre of music in which they were so adept, but as with every musical departure the change was accompanied by strong musical growth. The band has shed much of it's youthful lackluster associated with being a self produced band and built upon knowledge beset upon them by others to formulate their new sound which fits tightly within the Re-Construction family of musicians.

Society Burning are:
Dave Creadeau - synths, vocals
Boom Christopher Paige - guitars, synths, vocals
Tracey - live keyboards

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San Diego, CA 92117-3432
(619) 483-9292
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