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Snog: Remote Control

  1. Empires 4:12
  2. The Future 5:18
  3. Corporate Slave 5:25
  4. Cliche 4:18
  5. Born To Be Mild (Soma Remix) 4:15
  6. Spermy Man (Out of Sync Mix) 5:58
  7. Hey, Christian God (Sacred Mushroom II) 5:38
  8. Shop (U.S.C.W.F. II) 5:47
  9. Cliche (Snog vs. Q-Kontrol) 5:16
  10. Bank 3:17
  11. One Way Ticket To The Womb 4:40
  12. Born To Be Mild (Groin Thunder Mix) 4:57
  13. We Decorated Your Life 3:26
  14. The Dying Man (Live at One-Eyed Jacks) 5:06
  15. Real Wise Yuppie/Born To Be Mild (Live at the Hammersmith Odeon) 5:46

"Remote Control" is a collection of older Snog material that appeared on the plethora of singles released since the inception of the band. It has culled the best material from those singles and put them together into a handy collection available domestically for the first time. As a result "Remote Control" is a sort of greatest hits album for a band that has seen very little exposure to US audiences. About half of the album consists of the original version of the 'Cliche', 'The Future', 'Corporate Slave', and 'Born to be Mild' singles, while the remaining tracks consist of some of the more creative remixes. Perhaps the best tracks on this compilation are the two live tracks at the end of the CD. Both tracks are a live, non sequenced, and almost unplugged version of tracks by a band who thrives on electronics. So it is a very special treat to hear the tracks stripped down to their bare minimums and performed completely live with appropriate half speed tempos. Diehard fans are warned to stay away from this album because they will already have all of the material present. However fans who haven't had the luxury of hearing Snog before will find this album an excellent place to begin their Snog experience.

Snog is: David Thrussel

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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