Album Cover

Smersh: Join The Radium Girl Movement

Side 1:

  1. Cosmic Torpedo
  2. Go Power

Side 2:

  1. Milestone Dub
  2. Stoned Again

Imagine my surprise when within a matter of days of acquiring my first taste of Smersh an second course appears on my plate. This EP at least has the decency to stay consistent enough to be listened through in one sitting as well as skirting the edge of the techno genre instead of impersonating an escaped military audio experiment. You might still have to be on some type of artificial stimulation to consider this music rather than an aural disease descended upon mankind to destroy us all with it's hypnotic beat and drug like lethargy. You do have to at least consider the fact that Smersh has gone beyond having a unique sound to being confused as an alien mating ritual recorded at Arecibo. How this is supposed to market their sound is beyond me, I'm just content with the artificial sensory perception it seems to stimulate.

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