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Sleepwalk: Door to Insomnia

  1. Door to Insomnia - Overture
  2. Grip to the Needle
  3. Tides of Eternity
  4. Goddess of Delight (A Tergo)
  5. Baby Tormentor (Re-voiced)
  6. Soul of Hate
  7. Bleeding
  8. Whale in the Ocean
  9. Destroy!
  10. Obsessed in Prison
  11. Stone of Despair
  12. Supression
  13. My Revenge
  14. Suicide Minds

While there is nothing that immediately grabbed me when I first listened to this disc, I have to admit it definitely hooked me in with some unknown force and kept my interest throughout the whole album. This release is slightly reminiscent of :wumpscut: with a dancier edge to it, while the lyrics and vocals bring in a eerie, dark aspect to the music. Heavy techno influences and a constant driving beat permeate the whole album, which definitely makes for an enjoyable listen, even if, on the whole, it does not sound completely original. The definite stand-out track is Baby Tormentor' with its angelic and spacy noises in the background, potent subject matter (what we should really do to child abusers) and strong, bouncy pattern. And through the entire album there are some finely crafted and smooth rhythmic structures; the band is also smart enough to stay away from heavy doses of repetitiveness. (Kevin Congdon)

Sleepwalk is:
Oliver Spring - voice, lyrics
Bruno Ruch - programming, noise

Celtic Circle Productions
PO Box 7113
47601 Geldern Germany
Phone: +40 (0) 2831 87264


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