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Slave Unit: Slave Unit

  1. Deadweight Loss
  2. Backdown
  3. Values Here
  4. Slow Time
  5. Stuck
  6. Frostbite (Sterile Mix)
  7. Think
  8. Shadow
  9. Life Unfolds
  10. Chick Pea 14

Slave Unit has been sneaking around behind the scenes for quite a few years making appearance on a variety of compilations from time to time until recently acquiring a contract through COP International. This debut album has collected the majority of their previous track along with a handful of new material for just over forty minutes of mayhem and carnage. Slave Unit has always had a slightly different musical outlook that the rest of the Bay Area industrial scene and this album is no different. Elements of punk, industrial, and tribal percussion are all prevalent, with the most focus on trying to conglomerate all of these genres into one large hedonistic mess. The band even goes as far as to label mate Maria Azvedo of Battery for backing vocals on a track. Although I hate making comparisons, this album seems to have a great deal in common with Rage Against The Machine. The same type of raw power and political viewpoints are being exfoliated by the band in it's anger quotient and musical direction, albeit with about ten times as much electronics.

Slave Unit is:
Mike Welch - vocals, guitar, programming, sampling, percussion
Torsten - bass programming
Mike Paikos - guitar
Alan Sartirana - guitar
Rey Soburn - live drums

COP International
981 Aileen St.
Oakland, CA 94608


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