Album Cover

Sixty Cycle Hum: Sink In

  1. Lie Deep Inside
  2. Faith?
  3. Forget
  4. Gold
  5. Hell To Pay
  6. What Will It Take?
  7. Worms Crawl In
  8. Ruby
  9. Isolation
  10. Thrust
  11. Suckseed
  12. Chamber Committed

Sixty Cycle Hum would be an excellent band if they simply replaced their lead vocalist. I am not saying that he cannot sing, but his tonality is not suited to the Coldwave hybrid music produced by this Seattle act. His voice is more suited for Gothic or Synth-Pop music with its fluid dynamics and pleasing timbre. As a result, it simply doesn't mesh well with aggressive electronics and rhythm guitar on "Sink In". All it would take is a vocoder or other distortion device to solve this problem, but I am unsure if the vocalist would allow his strong voice to be abused in this manner. Since his voice definitely is passionate, he might be ashamed to cover it with cheap auditory mutilation. Ultimately, this album fails due to the poor harmony of the pretty vocals and Pop centric music, which is a shame, because musically Sixty Cycle Hum is rather talented.

Sixty Cycle Hum is:
Howie Sennet - programming, lyrics, guitar, vocals, sound design, engineering
Patrick Napper - programming, guitar, vocals, sound production, graphics
Troy Fleishauer - bass guitar
Joshua Fant - acoustic drums and triggers

Sixty Cycle Hum
P.O. Box 20442
Seattle, WA 98102


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