Album Cover

Sister Soleil: Drown Me In You

  1. Bazamba
  2. Lava Lamp
  3. Lust
  4. Weep
  5. Red
  6. Chair
  7. Don't Tell Me
  8. Weep Reprise

While not exactly industrial in the classical sense, Sister Soleil has enough in common with cross over industrial bands to warrant some serious attention. This self titled album was self released by Stella, the lead vocalist of the band, with her own money. She also had the aid of some big name engineers like Howie Beno, Jim Marcus, and Jamie Duffy to aiding in the production of a very slick album. Fans who are familiar with Oxygiene 23 might find this band refreshingly similar and quite a bit more upbeat. Classical instrumentation such as flutes and a real triangle in conjunction with Stella's vocal work create a pristinely woven masterpiece of sound. I was extremely lucky to experience Sister Soleil live in Chicago opening for Sheep on Drugs and the music was almost as powerful on digital media as it was live. Unfortunately acquiring a copy of this CD outside of Chicago might prove to be a bit difficult as there is no contact address printed in the liner notes.

Sister Soleil is: Stella Katsoudas


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