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Sister Friction: Glamour... My Ass!

  1. Baby 2:54
  2. Sometimes 3:51
  3. Love in Time 4:11
  4. Asexual 4:12
  5. Everything 2:40
  6. Touch Me 2:16
  7. What's Love 4:39
  8. Gone 1:44
  9. Love at a Distance (Jax Abstraktion Remix) 6:20
  10. Theme 1:56
  11. Maleman (Sex Club Mix) 3:32
  12. For Sale 5:04
  13. Sometimes (Estranged Remix) 4:45
  14. Love at a Distance 4:58
  15. Maleman 4:23

It's amazing the music that people send me for review. Just because music is electronic doesn't mean that it is automatically Industrial. When a band like Sister Friction sends me an album of Synth-Pop, Dance, House, Disco, and Techno all mixed together in a hedonistic concoction of badly sexually innuendic lyrics, it is a terrifying listen that it is impossible for me to even sit through a single complete listen. The album is so horrifically overproduced. When the whole point of a record is to shock people with blatantly perverted lyrics, hopelessly misarranged samples, and tasteless context, it ceases to be music. Instead it is a shameless display of self-fornication in the public eye.

Incidental Records
P.O. Box 421152
Minneapolis, MN 55442-1152


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