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Sect+Response.Technique+Phoma: Cube

  1. Sect
    1. Evanesence 2
    2. Equator
    3. Reconnaissance
  2. Response.Technique
    1. Heavenly
    2. Expedition
    3. Pakman
  3. Phoma
    1. White
    2. Grey
    3. Black

Just when you thought that Vancouver, BC could not possibly sustain another talented electronic artist, here come three more ambient electro artist who appear to have been hiding under a rock for the past few years. First up is Sect, who apart from a single album released on Third Mind Records before it collapsed a few years ago has not been seen in years. Their three track contribution is much in the same vein as the Organism compilations released by Leeb & Fulber of Front Line Assembly for Dossier records. Next up is Response.Technique who has recoreded under a handful of pseudonyms the past few years with material that is more on the trance end of the electronic spectrum with minimal percussion and a wide variety of sweeping keyboard patterns. Last up is Phoma whose tracks are more of an experimental nature, which is not to say that they are noise, but rather just a different window into the world of electronic composition. Overall not a bad collection of tracks that, while favoring a more subdued approach to composition, still retain a great deal of enlightening concepts and ideas that always make for an enjoyable listen.

Sect is: M. Victory & J. McEvoy
Response.Technique is: R. Lakovic
Phoma is: S. Rosin

Subduction Records


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