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Second Disease: Flame The Dark True

  1. Re-Birth 3:22
  2. Twilight 3:31
  3. Black Order 4:42
  4. A Holy Place 4:02
  5. Cross I 1:46
  6. The Tale of Vengance 3:54
  7. Cross II 1:05
  8. What is Going on Now? 4:27
  9. Sweet Tribute 4:20
  10. Cross III 1:35
  11. Stormworld 4:15
  12. F.T.D.T. 5:55
  13. Sacrifice 4:19
  14. Cross IV 0:59
  15. God's Work 3:47
  16. Cross V 1:08
  17. Neural Decepion 4:06
  18. Cross VI 1:35

Second Disease is one of the first German electro acts that has incorporated traditional German classical music into their compositions. These classical sections, albeit sampled, distorted, and mimiced by electronics still create a whole new feel to Second Disease's music. Second Disease seems to be a band who is not afraid to infused abstract and often bizarre musical elements into their own work. Of course, they have a handful of the more traditional and caustic electro tracks as well, but overall they pale in comparison to the more innovative and experimental pieces. Part of this is due to the number of German bands who have felt it necessary to include elements pioneered by Rudy of :wumpscut: and the rest is because of the close physical proximity that many of these German electro bands well within. They cannot help but draw heavy influence from their neighbors with whom they associate frequently. Nevertheless, Second Disease have been able to refrain from most these pitfalls, and have been able to stride into previously untouched electronic musical territory rather well.

Second Disease is:
L. Hofmann - voice, programming
M. R. Kraft - keys, programming

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Suite D-82
Los Angeles, CA, 90045


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