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Sabot: [Sabo]

  1. Sapphire
  2. Pearl
  3. Live
  4. Circles
  5. Jewel Heart
  6. Sleep
  7. Pray Insane

Sabot is a five piece melodic Goth act hailing from Massachusetts. Unlike some Gothic acts, Sabot goes out of their way to avoid sounding melodramatic and instead focus on real depth and meaning in their music. The lead vocalist has a attractive voice which must have had professional training at one point due to it's tight control and ability to hold notes for long periods. Musically, the album is slow, meandering and very well produced. Light piano chords ramble next to calculated drums and guitars. Not a single element competes with another, all sharing their space in the mix with utmost efficiency as the lead vocalist paves the way for each track. Sabot definitely have their musical mechanics down perfectly which has given them a huge lead over similar acts and that makes this EP work so well.

Sabot is:
Chritine Zufferey - vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar
Monika Baenninger - vocals, soprano saxophone, keyboards, piano
Shawn Marquis - drums, percussion
Glenn Hughes - guitars
Dorian Scott - bass

Null Pointer Publishing
15 Hancock St. #1
Somerville, MA 02144


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